.Why Get Hitched? .

Dear Family and Friends,

We're striving to be as thoughtful and conscious about getting hitched as we are about other major choices in our lives, like work and cohabitation. We're interested in starting our life together authentically — in a way that is meaningful to us. So, we're thinking critically about all aspects of starting our new life and wanted to take this opportunity to explain a bit about what we're doing and why.

Our intentions in getting hitched
Why get hitched at all? For starters...

  1. We are aligned in our values and principles, and we think we will be compatible companions on life's journey. We work, play, and learn well together.
  2. We believe that a marriage will create a stable, more secure environment in which to raise children. (The answer to your question is: not yet.)
  3. We are choosing to be each other's family.
  4. We want to make a public statement that honors the love and commitment we share for one another.
  5. It feels right.

Our vision for the party
It's important to us that we celebrate and participate in our community. It is also important that our community recognize and support us. That's why we're having a ceremony and why we didn't elope (even though Velma reeeeaaally wanted to.)

We want to enjoy one of the most important days in our lives and appreciate the company of those who have come to celebrate with us. So, we're keeping it simple, and more importantly, fun. What's more fun than a BBQ in a park? We'll grill up some great food, play some music, visit with friends, maybe play a few games, and have a little ceremony — not necessarily in that order. And we're having one of our very good friends officiate.

We want our union and celebration to exemplify one of the values that brought us together — care and respect for our planet. We're buying organic and free-range for the BBQ and requesting that you bring your own utensils, plates, and cups to avoid a bunch of disposable junk going to the landfill. We're also not registering anywhere for gifts. We have enough stuff already and there are more useful things to do with the money — like donating to a public benefit organization, contributing to our eco-friendly honeymoon, or helping our far-flung friends and relatives attend the party!

And finally, we know that our community has a lot of great cooks in it! We're asking everyone to bring a dish to share (and the recipe), because it's a good way to build commradery and share a part of yourselves. This will be a true potluck.

If you have any questions about our process, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for being a part of our community. We hope to see you at the party!

Much love,
Velma and Mark

P.S. If you're not really happy with how we're doing all this, well... Just think, it could be worse — we could've gotten married at Burning Man.