We're really not registered anywhere. Don't even look. But if you really want to give us a gift, please contribute to one of our chosen public benefit organizations, our honeymoon, or the "Fly Friends In" fund. Details below.
Open Space Protection Organizations
Committee for Green Foothills
This is where Velma worked when she met Mark (he was designing their website at the time). CGF's mission is to protect and preserve the hills, forests, creeks, wetlands, and coastal lands of the San Francisco Peninsula through grassroots education, planning, and legislative advocacy. They're the front line, the watchdogs. They make sure that the land isn't inappropriately and irrevocably developed.
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People for Land and Nature
PLAN is a coalition of environmental organizations working to qualify the Santa Clara County Land Conservation Initiative for the November 2006 ballot. The initiative amends the Santa Clara County General Plan to protect hillsides, agricultural lands, watersheds, and other valuable rural lands from unnecessary and irreparably harmful development, and to maintain the high quality of the environment and life in the county. Our friend and officiant, Peter Drekmeier, is PLAN's Campaign Coordinator and a City of Palo Alto Councilperson.
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Save-the-Redwoods League
This is where Velma works now. The main objective of the Save-the-Redwoods League (SRL) is to protect and preserve our ancient redwood and sequoia forests through purchase from willing sellers and transfers of the land to public agencies for stewardship in perpetuity.
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San Mateo County Parks and Recreation Foundation
The foundation is committed to providing funding to improve the quality of the county parks for our community. Huddart Park, where we're getting hitched, is one of these. Land trusts, like SRL, transfer land to agencies like the San Mateo County Parks and Recreation Department. Funding for park maintenance and restoration is often one of the first things to get cut in the budgets of strapped governments. So, for nearly every municipal parks department there is a corresponding non-governmental organization to accept donations and provide support to keep the parks open.
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Honeymoon Vouchers

We already have a toaster, towels, and matching silverware. We don't really need anything else.

But neither of us has ever taken a "real" vacation. You know, the kind where you prop your feet up and sun yourself on a tropical beach?

So, we're going to the state of Yucatán in Mexico from December 12-25 for our honeymoon. We've picked a small hacienda an hour outside of Mérida. From there we'll take day trips to Mayan ruins, cenotes, and the local markets. We'll stay for a few days in a small beach town, check out the flamingos in the eco-reserve, and finish up with a couple of days relaxing in Mérida for Christmas.

You can contribute to our honeymoon via Dropcash, a simple, secure online tool that uses PayPal (you can use a credit card even without a PayPal account). Payments will go to "typekey@enews.org", which is our PayPal account for the wedding.

Here are some ideas, if you would like to specify a gift:

This is the capital city. We'll stay in Mérida our first night in Mexico, and our last three nights before we return to the US, including Christmas.
Taxi to and from the airport $10 gift  
Our first night in Mexico at the Hotel Maison Lafitte $75 Thank you!  
A night's stay at Luz En Yucatan, the urban retreat with a sense of humor $40 gift  
A massage, to make sure we come back relaxed =) $30ea. Thank you!  
Two-hour carriage ride $30 gift  
Christmas Eve dinner – our last night in Mexico! $25 gift  
Mérida package (everything above) $320 gift  
Chichen Itza
After Merida, we'll stay a week at Hacienda San Juan, about an hour outside of the capital. We'll explore the local towns, cenotes, and Mayan ruins.
A night at the Hacienda San Juan $40 gift
Candlelight dinner at the Hacienda San Juan $20 Thank you!
Chichen Itza tour – entrance for two {or...} $20 Thank you!
Chichen Itza tour – private guided tour $70 Thank you!
A day's car hire $40 Thank you!
15 minutes at the local internet café $25 Thank you!
Fancy dinner at the Hacienda San José $75 Thank you!
Chichen Itza package (everything above) $270 Thank you!
After leaving the Hacienda San Juan, we'll probably head to the little town of Celestún on the Gulf Coast for three days, before heading back to Mérida.
Bicycle rental in Celestún $10 gift
Boat tour of the Rio Celestún Biosphere Reserve, flamingo winter feeding waters, and a swim among the mangroves $85 Thank you!
A night at the Hotel Maria del Carmen $30 gift
Celestún package (everything above) $125 gift
The “Fly Friends In” Fund
We have friends around the globe. It's the curse and blessing of our nomadic generation. Regardless, they're extremely important to us and we would like to make sure they can join us for our hitchin' celebration.
You can contribute to this fund via dropcash, a simple, secure online tool (credit card or PayPal).

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